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Originally Posted by cidstorm View Post
Recalling every available ship implies active duty.
About to be overrun by Borg implies you do what you have to.

Originally Posted by cidstorm View Post
Still fighting forces that were left behind.
Still single seat fighters that were too big to fit in shuttle bays, that we have no way of knowing if they even had the range to make it to Wolf 359. We're not even sure if they were warp capable. Even then these ships were described as...wait for flight trainers.

Originally Posted by cidstorm View Post
I ask for an example of cadets being purposely sent into combat and that's the best you've got? With most of star fleet previously assigned to the streets they were likely doing paper work, even if they weren't the deployment was issued for an attempted rebellion by a crazy admiral who knew the threat was manufactured.
You have to remember this was a conspiracy of few, the admiral was crazy, but didn't dictate orders for ALL of Starfleet Command. Fabricated or not, the threat seemed real until Sisko proved otherwise. And paperwork? Since when is field duty paperwork? Besides that...

Cadet Nog, taken into combat to track down Micheal Eddington while the Defiant is barely operational, used to relay orders to engineering DS9 For the Uniform S5E13, fought during the capture of DS9 Call to Arms S5E26, several months of combat operations on the Defiant after that, participated in a highly dangerous mission to destroy a ketracel-white facility DS9 A Time to Stand S6E01, then was captured by and later fought Jem'Hadar in DS9 Rocks and Shoals S6E02, continued to serve on the Defiant for an unknown amount of time as a cadet until the recapture of DS9 when he was finally made an ensign DS9 Favor the Bold S6E05.

Let's not forget the biggest one of all...The Wrath of Khan. Yes, your favorite Enterprise, the 1701 herself was serving as a training ship. Kirk being on that ship at all was supposed to be just a short training cruise, with most of the run of the mill crewmen being cadets!

Shall I keep going? I could probably think of a few more if I really thought about it. Want me to go into the real life US Navy history, too? I know of a few there as well.  1341951426

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