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01-24-2013, 02:22 PM
Originally Posted by jadensecura View Post
On my Vesta, I actually run without armor.
That's odd. I find I have absolutely no problems keeping my shields up, but my hull was getting pounded through my shields. I stuck a Neutronium Alloy in, and that made a huge difference.

Originally Posted by raj011 View Post
If you mix the armour up let says, neutromium, ablative and monotanium, will you still get diminishing returns?
Your armor console make-up is irrelevant to diminishing returns from Damage Resistance Magnitude. No actual console has diminishing returns. If one armor console gives +40, then two gives +80, and three gives +120.

However, the numbers that armor consoles and abilities display are Damage Resistance Magnitude. Damage Resistance Magnitude has diminishing returns in relation to the Damage Resistance percentage we see in our ship status screens, which is what incoming damage is actually reduced by. See more details here.

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