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# 130 Missed Opportunity (Again)
01-24-2013, 02:00 PM
You failed to realize a golden opportunity.
And not for the first time, I might add.

Ever since the game started, there's been a specific Jem'Hadar weapon I've had my eye on:
It's even on display on Earth Spacedock:
Kar'Takin on ESD

When the Dominion Featured Series came out, I fully expected this to be one of the mission rewards.
And now with this Lockbox, I expected the same.

Disappointed both times.

Also, as an aside, does the introduction of Dominion ships ingame sound the deathnell for a playable faction based around these ships?

I was eagerly anticipating a True Way faction which would allow me to make a Jem'Hadar Captain who could fly Dominion vessels.
I was going to give him all Dominion themed items, Polaron weapons, Vorta Science Officer, Jem'Hadar sets etc so on.
I'd even spend lobi on upgrading the Jem'Hadar gear for this character.

But with all these ships being made available via lockboxes, it seems highly unlikely they'll just give them to us for free for a Jem'Hadar Captain to fly.