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Originally Posted by cidstorm View Post
Near the beginning of the first episode the admiral says he's sending all available ships, as in ships that can make it that are in service.

The drones are still combat machines worth taking, especially if the situation was so dire it required museum pieces. Tractor beams are warp capable if they are too big for shuttle bays.

And even though I was wrong about cadets, twok doesn't count because that was supposed to be a training cruise.
The Enterprise was available in twok, and it was just a ship full of cadets. I don't think the admiral was going to be too fussy to take a trainer ship into combat when facing the borg.

You assume these ships were able to function outside of whatever control center mars had.

Twok does count. Cadets being sent into a dangerous situation are cadets being sent into a dangerous situation. It even shows some constitutions being relegated to training, even in kirk's day  1341951426