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01-24-2013, 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by mikiiy View Post
* 20% is anything but "a small chance" for such a total overpowered nonsense to happen. Can we use 3 of that doff? will it help with the chances to proc even?

* 6 seconds duration is quite a bit long on ground too.. i somewhat expect a tac with that bubble up to wipe half if not all of a pug-team out with total impunity.

Lets see about counters..

- Drain abilities "like tachyon harmonic"... the only decent sci kit with tachyon harmonic that is being used in pvp is the borg medical analyzer.. the one thats not dropping anymore.

- Melee attacks -- melee isn't seen that much in pvp, a shotgun is almost always a better choice for close quarter combat.

so we are down to lunge, nades, mines, bomb and mortar spam.. most of that except lunge is easy to dodge so it shouldn't be hard to stay alive the whole 6 seconds of ubahness.
You can use three of the current Diagnostic Engineers (that boost damage with Equipment Diagnostics) so I suspect we will be able to use 3 of this DOff. And if it's like other DOffs, that means three 20% chances for a bubble every 12 seconds.

I was excited because I have an engineer that I've been using the Equipment Technician on, but your post about buffing Tacs is certainly something to think about. Something terrifying.

As far as mines go... the description (copied from STO wiki but I think the same in game) says: "Shields drastically reduce the effects of kinetic damage". So that really leaves lunge as a viable counter.
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