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01-24-2013, 02:44 PM
Greetings all! I know this is abit of a long hiatus from the thread. But nothing new really has come about for Carriers.. until now.

Cryptic reciently Released the newest Carrier to the Carrier Family, the Jem'Hadar Dreadnaught Carrier.

It comes preloaded With 2 new Carrier pets exclusive to the JHDC, Jem'hadar Attack fighters. The Fighters have DEM 1, and you can buy the upgraded versions that come with an Extra Polaron Dual cannon and DEM 2.

IF you own a Jem'hadar Attack ship as well, you can get the special JHAS pets for the carrier. And the powers those things come with is insane! Unfortunately, I don't own a JHAS, so I can't tell you how effective those would be in PVP..

The Ship it's self... Turns about the same, only SLIGHTLY faster then the Recluse, and Marginarly Faster then the Atrox/Vor'quv with it's base 6 Turn rate.

It's lay out is also different from any other Carrier so far, in that it's Focused on Tac instead of Science with a Cmd Tac, Lt Tac, Ltc Engi, Ensign Sci, and a Lt Universal.

The ship, how ever, I would keep away from a Tactical officer's hands. This is NO Kar'fi! It doesn't really have the turn rate of the Kar'fi. Which will reduce it's survivability. And you would obviously be limited to a Lt Sci, so you'd have Escort class and Cruiser class healing capabilities.

The Special Console it comes with is also very unique. You target an enemy with it, and it will then display on that enemy, which Subsystem has been deemed "Vulnerable" After you do enough damage, it will then completely disable that subsystem for 4 seconds. And reduce the Defense by about 16% and Damage resistance on the target by 20. And best of all, the console is apart of a set. So if you get the other Jem'hadar Escort Carrier and use it's console together, you can get a buff to Accuracy and Defense for 15 seconds.

If you must take this ship into PVP, Remember, don't use a tactical officer with it. Or if you have to, try to remember this IS A carrier. And it does NOT turn like a Kar'fi. So keep the DHC's off this ship. Or if you must, limit it to 2 DHC's Perhaps a lay out like this, for an all energy Build:

2 Single Cannons, 2 DHC's Fore, 3 Turret Aft.

Other wise go with Single Beam Arrays which is nice to use with it's innate Target Subsystem abilities, or Torpedoes and Mines for a Damage set up.

How ever it is still a very slow turning ship. So buyer beware!

You'll probably also be using Danube Shuttles with this ship just for the Tractor Beam spam.

So let's review..

Jem'hadar Dreadnaught Carrier is a Carrier. Which is not a friendly place for Tactical officers. Especially with the Set up this ship carries.

If you have all 3 Jem'hadar ships, you get new Pets, and 2 New Consoles to use on this ship, or you can use both of the new consoles on any of the other new ships.

Don't use DHC's unless your using a specialized build and know how to keep your front arc on a target.

That's all I have for you right now. Good luck, and happy spaming.
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