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Just looking for some advice for my KDF Tac build, but I was wondering how badly the recent nerf affected the potency of the Elite Fleet Space Shields.

They may have been OP before from what I've heard, but my fleet unlocks them in a few days and I wanted to know if they were still equal to/superior to stf gear before lashing out the huge dilithium costs needed to purchase one.

I figure theyve got good base stats, and better resists than stf gear but I'm not sure if the now weakened Adapt proc is better than the special procs for stf gear, like energy wake or maco power boost, as well as giving up on 3 part bonuses like gravitic anchor.

Secondly, I was wondering about the viability of Plasma weapons in Season 7 PVP. Yes, stf shields do have a 20% plasma resist but I figure the 9.6% boost per embassy pla sci console as well as the 7.6% two piece rommie set should more than make up for it on any ship with at least two sci console slots.

I figure that running three MKXII rom consoles, plus the 2 part set should give about 35% increase against the 20% reduction, as well as the advantages a lot of the new plasma weapons offer (eg omega/rom torp and experimental romulan beam).

Just wanted to get some feedback. Thank you all in advance for any help.