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01-24-2013, 03:08 PM
It's powerful, but I wouldn't say it's overpowered.

Only, from what I can tell, the uncommon and rare Tactical Officers have it. At best, most escorts and everything else can get one or two of these officers. The only ones that can get more than this are Tactical Escort Retrofits (Fleet and non-Fleet) and Fleet Advanced Escort. Frankly, considering that an all-cannon escort has a useless 3rd ensign tactical slot, I think this is a fair trade off.

Other ships with Universal officers slots can make use of this as well, but at a pretty steep cost. For instance, a Jem'Hadar could potentially have 4 tactical officers. But at the cost of only having an engineer for heals and having a ton of tactical abilities that would be pointless to slot. Even having 3 tactical boffs would stunt it's ability to use defensive/heal abilities that make it such a pain in the butt that it is.

Some BoPs with universal slots can also make use of having multiple tactical boffs, but, again, at the cost of having any healing abilities and a bunch of useless tactical abilities. My B'rel Retrofit only has 4 universal slots. I could have 4 tactical officers, but then I wouldn't be able to heal. With no shields when I'm cloaked, that could be a problem.