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After reading and seeing this:

For some time now, many players have been requesting the option to upgrade different types of existing gear into equipment that is more suitable for high-end content, such as that found in Special Task Forces or certain high-difficulty queued events like ?No Win Scenario.? We?re happy to announce that the Dominion Lock Box is going to offer players the option of doing exactly that.

All of this upgraded gear is not only leveled up to Mk XII, but also has additional increases to its stats and enhancements, making all of it much more useful for conquering high-end content.
I excitedly bought upgrades for my shelved JH11 gear. There's another thread going about the joke of a Space Set already too. I'm sorry to report that the upgraded items do not actually contain additional upgrades. The items appear to have undergone a template upgrade to MKXII and nothing else.

The increases over unupgraded items are:
Weapon: +8.3 dps only. No other changes
Armor: +1.1 Health Regen, +18.6 Resist, +7.6 Shield Regen
Shield: +31.1 Shield Cap, Lose 20% Phaser / Disrupt Resist, Gain 10% Resist All

These items are weaker than Advanced Fleet outright (same approximate stats, but minus special abilities) and weaker than MKXII STF gear in both stats and abilities. For an extra kick in the rear, the promised costume option does not look like the Jem Hadar in DS9 or the Jem Hadar Boff. The colors are way off and the key elements are missing (no pointed shoulders, ketracel attach, nothing).

Put simply, these items are horrible and did absolutely none of what was advertised.