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Originally Posted by iconians View Post
You win one free internet, sir. I have not seen something that epic in an STO forum thread in a very long time.

It probably would have just been easier for me to say 'I agree'. But this deserves special commendation.
Well thank you very much.

I'm in school for game art and one of the things we've learned about thus far is how tv, movie, and game companies sometimes use texture skins on low res models to save on production times and costs. These are mostly used for objects that are going to remain background pieces and/or going to be motion blurred. Every now and then it becomes necessary to take one of these background pieces out of the background and into the foreground. When doing so (especially when detailed references aren't available) it becomes necessary to draw heavily on the details included in the texture skin mixed with some creative license and a desire for what you want people (and in some cases a desire for what the people expect) to see.

At this point I'm just trying to put some of my schooling to use, if anything JamJamz and the whole STO art crew deserve the credit, working on our nit-picks as well as developing new, interesting content all the while not ripping off the heads of the over-complainers. They're the professionals here I'm just a student that happens to be a little much obsessed with the Steamrunner lol.
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