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*James feels the pressure he has felt before. He stands up murmuring the only thing that it can hear *

James: Hush now lion.. hush now.. *He walks out of the ward.. his skin is ragged..*

shhhhhh calm now... *giving the sense of calm to the beast..*
OOC: Uhhh... how is that supposed to work? And isn't he supposed to be dying?

*The Nurses activate a forcefield around Sam as she starts coming to.*

Sam: What happened?

*She looks at T'mar, noticing the wound on her forehead.*

What happened to you?

*She notices that she can't move.*

T'mar: Sorry. The restraining field is for our protection, aswell as yours. You kinda tried to kill me.

Sam: Is this some kinda sick joke?

T'mar: No.

Sam: I wouldn't--

T'mar *Sam's mind*: You did.

Sam: But--

T'mar *Sam's mind*: Something's wrong with you. It's like there's two personalities in you. You, and something else watching.

*OOC: I plan to go somewhere very interesting with this.

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