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01-24-2013, 04:35 PM
Originally Posted by lincolninspace
I am not one of those trekie types that pores over ship schematics or anything but I agree with the op that the Galaxy has noticable flaws and I noticed something was wrong with it almost immediately after I purchased one. It is a ship that is on tv every day only the constitution gets as much screen time so people know what it is supposed to look like. It is also one of the most beloved ships and deserves more love.
I couldn't agree more.

Originally Posted by captainoblivous View Post
No, BCS-TNG is totally separate from BC-Central. BCS was only started to give the scripters some-place else to work undisturbed by the community until they felt ready to release.

Be sure you get the correct version of KM. I think the latest KM version is 2010 which had a metric sh*t ton of improvements over the older versions.

In fact, there is a ship building contest taking place on BCC as we speak. Some very interesting ships coming out. All of which are set in the "lost era" (post TMP, pre TNG)
Ah, I see. And I think I have the latest version installed, I'll double-check in the future.

And "lost era" haha, nice way of putting it. I'll check it out.

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