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Originally Posted by sylverwolfie View Post
I have a KDF Veteran Bridge Officer Reassignment Form that I haven't used (from the season 5 conversion). I can't sell the form directly, but I can request a Tactical, Science, or Engineer Veteran Bridge Officer (KDF), and then sell that. I'm willing to sell for the right price.

If you are interested, PM me.

Here is a cut/paste from the forums:

Each character in the last two categories will receive a “Veteran Bridge Officer Reassignment Form” in their inventory. This form allows you to claim a special veteran bridge officer. Starfleet captains can claim this veteran from Elsa Mora on Earth Space Dock, and Klingon Defense Force captains can claim the veteran from V’Qlar on Qo’noS. The veteran is a very rare (purple) officer who has two unique traits: Space Warfare Specialist, which provides a skill bonus to Starship Maneuvers, Starship Targeting Systems, Starship Energy Weapons, and Starship Projectile weapons; and Veteran, which grants a team bonus to damage, dodge, and avoidance.

Veterans are available as both males and females, in engineering, science, and tactical varieties, so you can find one that fits the needs of your specific play style. Federation veterans are humans and have the species traits of Leadership and Teamwork, while Imperial veterans are Klingons with the species traits of Warrior and Honorable.


The officers do come with equipment, but unfortunately, those cannot be traded.

Note: During a trade, the special traits are not visible in the trade window (thanks cryptic), however, you can speak with my guild leader in case you have doubts about my honor/trust. I'm in the SVK Elite force - most know me as Obsidian.

My in-game handle is @Adyreon
you can only use one of these at a time right?