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01-24-2013, 07:23 PM
Man...Shevet, that was a truly awesome story!!! I loved your thoughts on the more "philosophical" side of things--yet never did I feel the action was slowing down.

I also thought that was really brave of you to have Tylha reveal such an ugly moment, and to a subordinate, at that. I hope they'll be able to have the same--or maybe an improved--working relationship after that. Maybe having to vocalize those attitudes will bring about an improvement. After all, Soledad is going to be watching, and watching closely.

Unfortunately I'm even more sure I won't be entering this week's challenge. Contemplating Mirror!Alyosha is just horrible, on so many levels. He's either a tool of Mirror Starfleet Command's--a horrible thing to unleash upon enemies, an assassin or torturer--or he's with the Devidians, in just as terrible of a state. And after what Alyosha went through in the last entry...I'm neither willing to put him through that nor do I feel up to writing it.

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