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01-24-2013, 06:23 PM
OK, I've looked this over and here's what I'm seeing. You have two Interact With Object Tasks to "Place markers for generators" and each of these tasks has two invisible objects as the Objects to be interacted with. The completion of both of the tasks is the visibility condition for two differnt pairs of generators, four total.

As such, when I go to the first interact location and click the Place Marker button, I get the interact animation but the generator at that location does not appear. When I go to the second interact location and click the Place Marker button, I again get the interact animation and the generator appears. When I go check the first interact location again, the generator there has appeared. This is what I'm seeing for both pairs of generators.

With the way the mission is built, this is correct behavior. The appearance of both generators is contingent upon both Place Marker locations being interacted with.

I have not yet seen a situation where any of the generators just fails to appear once its visibility criteria has been met. Can you let me know which generator(s) are failing to appear for you so I know where to focus my attention? As with your other report, we seem to have a less than 100% repro case, in which case I'll keep looking, or the new build has rectified the issue. If you can check this yourself to see if it is still occuring, I'd appreciate it. Let me know what you find.