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01-24-2013, 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by hfmudd View Post
Some really excellent stories in this batch, including (of course) another great work by shevet. I confess, I'm intimidated; even if I had a solid idea for any of my captains, I don't think I'd dare after reading these.
Well by now hopefully you have fallen for the peer pressure and started writing. Anyone who can point out the subtle difference between shuttle and runabout nomenclature should be able to write a decent short story. (Now I have to figure out why Captain Carter bucks the system - that should be easy. Rivers are boring!)

Thanks to the others who made suggestions. Now I'm certain that the third runabout can't be named after a human. Maybe it'll be named after the Andorian who invented chroniton mines...or the Vulcan who created an injection to help fellow Vulcans withstand the hideous smell of humans.