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just yesterday i looked at a FAW users log, he was using very inaccurate AP beams and only had ~85 acc with them. the entry's for his FAW had an acc of ~65%. generally most beam users have at least 95% acc in all the logs i parsed, and then i see their FAW and its never above 75%

sooo thats why we make these claims. i'll try to get screens later
This may be a side effect of each pulse hitting two targets?

A regular beam fires 4 times in a cycle, hitting one target between 1 and 4 times.
A fire-at-will firest 5 times in a cycle, hitting up to two targets between 1 and 5 times each.

Is it possible that whatever parsing tool is being used is counting the misses on Fire at Will, but not counting the correct number of potential activations, therefore driving the Hit:Miss ratio off-center?
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