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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
This may be a side effect of each pulse hitting two targets?

A regular beam fires 4 times in a cycle, hitting one target between 1 and 4 times.
A fire-at-will firest 5 times in a cycle, hitting up to two targets between 1 and 5 times each.

Is it possible that whatever parsing tool is being used is counting the misses on Fire at Will, but not counting the correct number of potential activations, therefore driving the Hit:Miss ratio off-center?
possibly, but i recall seeing about as many 'miss' pop ups as there were damage dealt popups when i used FAW last.

BO3 also seems to have an issue. that issue being that it seems to have the same acc problem as FAW. i can have someone held and it doesn't mater, it will miss 25% of the time or more. wile BO2 has about the same acc of the beam that uses it
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