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01-24-2013, 08:20 PM
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I think one of my faviorets is Terra Prime(second to last episode of Enterprise), especially when Archer gave that one short speech at the end.

Whats one of the most memorable Star Trek episodes to you(any series)?

P.S. im not sure if im in the right place to post this
That's one of my favorite episodes too. The idea of xenophobic humans trying to undermine Earth's interstellar relations was just a brilliant idea, and would have made a great series finale.

Some other favorites include "The Inner Light" (beautiful), "The Magnificent Ferengi" (hilarious), "In the Pale Moonlight" (Elim Garak), and "Scorpion" (just plain epic). Before anyone flames me for not including any TOS episodes, I'm just going through that series for the first time.

(And OP, this is indeed the correct place for this thread. )
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