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Colorado: time will tell admiral. Time will tell.

Pours himself a.drink.

Colorado: care for a drink while we wait.
Preston: Not really. Drinking at a time like this for me is not the right time.

*Both Doctors walk in. Grave.*

Doc: It seems to me that this is a artificially made virus.. causing his cells to start breaking down. He is dying... but as for a way to cure it I don't think we can.. We can slow it down but it is a painful existence that he will be condemned to. But I am concerned is when the Rear Admiral reaches the final stages of the virus the organism may become infectious to everyone else. Our current quarantine regulations won't do it, he will become a living weapon of mass destruction...

As for his appearance he will look older than he really is. He will have to take a hypo everytime the convulsions act up even under stress.

Preston: *lowers his head* How long does he have.

Doc: 5 years at best. Less when the agent becomes infectious to everyone else.

His brain scans showed hightened activity like head had been forced to create Omega particles or something else we don't know. My colleague suspects the fighter he was testing. It also is not linked to his condition currently.