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# 1 Too many shield passives?
01-24-2013, 09:15 PM
Something I've been thinking about today, is, are there too many natural shield heals and procs now?

I know the focus recently has been more on stuff like tric mines, all the bugs, crits, etc, but this is something I felt has been put to the way-side.

Individually there aren't really OP and such, it's more that there are just a lot of them going together. Here's kind of the group of shield stuff I am thinking about:

Normal shield regen (on my D'kora at 50 shield power, I have about 200 regen)
Omega shield regen (about 300 for my D'kora, so 500 shields per facing every 6 seconds)
Emergency Secondary Shielding passive (which can add another heal if I get critted)
Romulan sci consoles w/ shield heal (yet another heal with ANY damage I take)
BFI DOFFs (I count these, because they are technically a proc, but 3 together can potentially restore to maximum)

Excluding BFI DOFFs and BOFF powers, all those things alone can be a huge amount of shields coming back, regardless of ship. Toss in even your normal EPTS 1, and suddenly you have better regen plus the resistance of the power. Even BFI DOFFs can just make you go from almost nothing to nearly maxed in one shot if you are lucky enough.

What do you all think?