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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
i could easily kill the jem carrier with ether falaxy or failquarius, no question. that thing has so little defensively to fall back on it couldn't tank anything for long, and it is capable of 0 speed or avoidance tanking like any other ship with that many tactical stations
I'd have to say I nearly agree with this.

The Dreadnaught Carrier just does not have enough defensive abilities to support it. Now if the Lt Tac would have instead been an Lt Sci, leaving the Universal to be anything would have been an improvement and given it at least better ways to survive.

I'd love to take the Kar'fi's turn rate and slap it onto that ship, because then it would be a better ship. But with that low turn rate it hurts it more then it helps.

IF I were to use this ship, with anything other then an Engi, the following is a possible on how I would run it.

Cmd Tac: Tac Team 1, Beam Overload 2 or FAW 2, Attack Pattern Omega 1, Attack Pattern Delta 3
Lt Tac: Tac team 1, Faw 2 or Beam Overload 2
LtC Engi: Engi team 1 or EptS 1, EptS 2, Aux to sif 2 or RSP 2
Ensign Sci: Polarized hull 1
Lt Universal (Sci): Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield strength 2

Attack Pattern Delta 3 gives you some Resistance for a few seconds when coupled with Polarized Hull to help you at least resist some of the incoming damage. While Attack Pattern Omega 1 gives you a much needed Speed and Turn increase along with some extra resists. And let's face it. Most Carriers can't run at full speed all the time like an Escort. Oh and if you don't have the device from the Dividian series, get it. Short of getting locked into a Tholian's web, it will give you an extra amount of Resists. And a little defense. Which can't hurt.
Transfer shield Strength 2 and EPtS 2 should give you some shield healing capabilities. You could change out the RSP 2 to an EptS 3 and change the EptS 2 into either RSP 1 or Aux to sif 1.

A good DPS escort how ever is still going to park on your butt and give plenty of DPS. Not to mention the shield striping capabilities of the Concentrated Tachyon Mines that some seem to carry. To be honest, I don't even know if a Sci could make proper use of this carrier.

Again it's not that the ship is BAD.. just that there is not a lot going for it to make it PVP Viable all the time.
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