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The following info is copied from the fleet UI in game:

Ranking Up:
Rank 1: Recruit rank! Allows access to Fleet chat.
Rank 2-5: Specialist ranks! Promotion is granted after 7 active days. Choose a fleet specialisation. Allows access to create events, varying bank permissions depending on the chosen rank, and to contribute to the fleet starbase.
Rank 6: Elite rank! Promotion is granted at the discretion of the Shadowcat Masters after 2 active months in the fleet and acquiring 50,000 FC. Allows access to more bank permissions, the ability to send fleet mail, Officer chat, provisioned fleet stores and management of fleet holdings.
Rank 7: Master rank! Promotion at the discretion of the Shadowcat Masters, is granted after 1 active year in the fleet (or other extra special circumstances). Allows access to full fleet permissions.

Bank Tabs and Base W/D Limits Per Day:
Commodities (10): Useful items for DOff and reputation assignments.
Craftin Samples (10): For Research & Development.
Craftin and DOffs (1): Cadre packs, Schematics, Tribbles, etc.
G Consumables (10): Useful, items to be consumed.
G VRare Mk X Up (1): Purple armor, kits, shields, weapons.
S Consumables (10): Useful items to be consumed.
S VRare Mk X Up (1): Purple consoles, deflectors, engines, shields and weapons.
Special Items (1): C-Store items, Reward Packs, anything special.

Only Mk X, XI and XII items are wanted.

Crafting Specialist: x2 to "Craftin and DOffs" and x5 to "Craftin Samples" w/d limits.
Ground Specialist: x2 to "G VRare Mk X Up" and x5 to "G Consumables" w/d limits.
Roleplay Specialist: x2 to "Special Items" and x5 to "Commodities" w/d limits.
Space Specialist: x2 to "S VRare Mk X Up" and x5 to "S Consumables" w/d limits.

Shadowcat Elite: Withdraw limits include all the above bonuses plus 5k EC per day.

CatPhone, REDALERT, and TFBB.