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01-24-2013, 10:16 PM
Originally Posted by surek2 View Post
Why doesn't PW sell dilithium instead of keys, something that is more useful considering the dilitjium rewards have been drastically reduced and dilithium requirements for projects have skyrocketed
Dilithium rewards have been increased. Investigate Officer Reports is repeatable and the new lockbox has dilithium mining claims that let you get 5,000 dilithium per day, in less than 5 minutes.

ZEN on the dilithium exchange keeps dropping in value because every idiot in the community wants to keep undercutting the next guy by 1 dilithium per ZEN. IMO a fair price would be 200 dilithium per ZEN but when you have thousands of people undercutting each other the price quickly approaches zero. The thing is there are more than enough ways to get dilithium, and the ZEN should be worth more, but this cheapskate behavior is ruining the exchange rate. It's purely psychological, and not a problem of availability.

If they sold dilithium on the Z-Store I would be fine with that, as long as it was like 200 or 250 for 1 ZEN. They might as well remove the dilithium exchange after that, though.