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01-24-2013, 11:35 PM
I'll do some tests tonight once I'm back from work.

Food for thought for Borticus: Is FAW currently using the beam or the cannon accuracy formula? (

Oh, and another thing: As I expressed in all my bug report threads, it could also be that FAW is not ignoring gear accuracy, but only using a wrong multiplier, so that a +10% [Acc] counts only for +1% or +0.1%. (We had wrong multipliers on the Plasma-Disruptor Hybrids, so it's not such a wild idea.) If this were true, it would explain why the +1000 Acc gear tests gave perfect accuracy. At this level, it doesn't matter if the multiplier was wrong.

(If it is a wrong multiplier, then it is impossible to determine with certainty for the players without access to dev tools, because a +1% change in accuracy disappears in the background noise of the random number generator and can't be reliably concluded from test data in the limited acc/def range we have at our disposal.)

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