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Originally Posted by xaben82 View Post
Here some notes about the Standard MACO, Operational and Striker Variant.

First, there exist a bug in the tailor, when u want to modify a MACO uniform. If you click on modify (its not reproducable with the first costumeslot), the whole character appreance will change. That means in my case, my liberated borg with the infected skin, will look after clicking on the modify button like a human with a heroic skin.

Second, there are some special design issues around the MACO and their variants, especially if you want to combine different parts. Even when you choose exactly the same colours they will look totaly different. EG.: the upper part, when I choose three times exactly the same colours, I'll get a mix of beige, white and creme...

Another example, if you compare some grey highlights, it is not possible to get them on the same shade (feet vs. shoulder).

Same issue with the highlights. There exist some bright blue lighting elements... for the Striker variant the light is white... it looks bad when you want to mix all variants and have some blue and some white lights.

Please give those most wanted ground items more love in one of the upcoming updates!!

To the developer/designer, if you want some screens to show you that issues more in detail, please contact me.
I know exactly of the issue you are refering.

as a quick fix to your issue on when you switch to the "MACO" outfit selection and your character changes to something you don't recognise follow these steps, its what I do.

when you go into the tailor to create a new off-duty/MACO anything which makes your char change involuntarily, before you select the outfit type save your characters outfit/appearence.

then go to page two which is the body morphing page, select your outfit type (your character WILL change, but you can load up your appearance from the load button and it will fix the issue and you should be able to continue.) <- hope this works for you as it does for me.

the MACO colour issue!

firstly the boots don't seem to share the same texture as the other MACO parts, so they look more a darker grey than the blue-silver of the rest of the MACO outfit pieces.

secondly! the Adapted MACO visual! (MAJOR ISSUE)

so you're wondering why I say MAJOR ISSUE?
1.) I buy the Adapted MACO MK XII equipment...
2.) THEN I have to buy the Visual!
3.) I then realise that all the time I just spent hoping this visual was great, turned out poor
1.) the Right Wrist Adapted MACO piece does not share the colours of the rest of the MACO. (it has the complete colour set from red/orange/yellow/cyan/blue/purple/black/white)
2.) the boots have the exact same Issue!