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01-25-2013, 01:33 AM
well i parsed some random pug matches and got some data. no surprises lol, it had terrible accuracy and misses everything equally. it does not discriminate between spam and player

pug matchs with FAW3 at global thanks to tech doffs, activated as soon as it came off cooldown every time, on a fleet excelsior. it had 28.4 bonus accuracy thank to a vet boff, omega deflector, and accurate trait. test conducted with 8x [Tetryon Beam Array Mk XI [Acc]x2 [Dmg]]

these were all hectic matches full of targets at variable speed and plenty of spam with high evasion.

this was not. this was a duel with 1 person, no spam. we were both moving at normal speed the whole time and he said his defense score was 73, quite high. FAW has its worst showing yet here.

so FAW is an ok garbage man skill. sure, it will hit spam most of the time and clear it, but it turns off any illusion of damage dealing wile its on. even in the duel with FAW on i could tell he was taking less damage then he was when my beams were just hitting him unbuffed.

beams already have a large damage deficiency vs cannons, and cannons have CRF that increases their rate of fire and damage dealing significantly on top of it. i can do a ton of damage in pvp with kdf cruisers, they are very effective tactical platforms. fed cruisers with their terrible turn rate and loathsome beam arrays cant even deal effective pressure damage anymore. beams need a rapid fire skill too, or they need to have a FAW like fire rate all the time, and faw can just be random target hit mode.
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