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With all the recent release in regards to carriers or flight deck Carrier, The Federation needs a true Carrier befitting of the name.

Sure we have the Caitian Kitty Carrier and though they are part of the Federation, their vessel is not an official one.

We have the Artimage Flight Deck Carrier - A plus that competes against the KDF Orion Flight Deck Carrier. However; the Atrox is dead last in the true Carrier department in comparison to the KDF OFFICIAL Faction Carrier and the now Recluse Carrier.

The Recluse is the superior Carrier out of three pound for pound.

I am hoping that Cryptic releases an Official Federation of Planets Carrier that is on par with the Recluse and the KDF Carrier.

Give us a Typhon class type Carrier or something that resembles a true blue Carrier but wearing the Federation banner.

It would be nice to expand on the Fighter selections as well as implement official Federation type bombers that pack a whallop against shields and armor.

Hell something with a dive bomber formation or something, or strifing run formation.