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---about the new ships and stuff, i dont think the carriers are op, the only thing i dont like is that, again, they are powering the jem bug, giving it the chance to use the new jem set (the obvious thing to do anyway ...), any pvper in his perfect mind would put this console in one engineering console, and leave the 3 left console slots to use 3 plating consoles, lets go for some math:

lets consider the owner of the bug haves 4 mk xii purple plating consoles wich gives him 40damage resistence magnitude each = 160drm.

with the 4 plating consoles the player would get something about 58% damage resistence
consider that the jem bug will use 1 console from the jem set on one of its engineering console slots, he will loose 1 plating console wich means he will loose 40 damage resitance magnitude, leaving him with 120 drm, wich represents 52% total damage resistance, this will decrease its damage resistance by a mere 6%, and increasing the damage of the bug using 1 jem console ( 3 plating consoles is the sweet spot ), wich makes the bug even more op than it is right now. but, its ok to me, the bug is limited on sci skills and consoles, he cant upgrade his shield cap or reg, so im cool.

--about the cross faction consoles, kdfs are whining and i would like to have this explained, you got the best console, why ? the bioneural warhead is a 1 min cooldown torpedo, its not affected by skills or torpedo doffs, it has a low dmg compared to normal trics or plasma high yelds, almost nobody plays as a torpedo boat, so this bio neural warhead is useless, and i am a torpedo boat with some experience, and i can clearly say that this torpedo is far behind the omega torpedo or romulan torpedo, a simple harghpeng torpedo sustained damage will compensate the spike dmg of the bioneural within less of 1min, of course spike is better that sustained because its harder to heal, in the other hand the bio neural gives us some tactical advantage for its capability to be shooted from 15km far, antiproton turret, and it has shields, anyway, its not a torpedo i would use for a 1 on 1 match. dont complain this much guys, im sure cryptic are doing its best... i want a mine clearing console for feds like the aceton assimilator T.T

the rest is super fine and super cool for me, awesome lockbox

so i guess its time to stop complaining and congratulate cryptic and pwe for this awesome game, despite of one op thing here and there xP

live long and prosper ||//_