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01-25-2013, 04:33 AM
But surely if the 35% increase applies to the base damage, then buffs like Alpha and go down fighting would boost on the increase as well?

Though I guess increases from things like energy weapons training are flat boosts so they would suffer from the resist more.

Definitely think I'll go Fleet Shields for PVP tho. Even putting Adapt to one side, having a 15% resist to three energy types instead will be awesome with excellent base stats. As I go KDF, I reckon Resilient with resist to Phaser, Tetryon and Polaron will be my pick. Especially since the Jem Set is getting a buff, + new dominion ships means Polaron will be used more.

Thanks so much for all your help guys. To settle just how much the 20% resist matters, I think I'll compare the two on Tribble against a friends STF shields before I spend anything.

Once I've got some hard figures I'll post them here as well. Truthfully I reckon I will end up going plasma regardless, since I suspect the Jem and fleet shields will start to get a lot more use in pvp.