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01-25-2013, 04:47 AM
Regarding the difficulty of fixing such off center (or minor mesh-) problems in general:
You load the model and select the vertexes in the proper viewpoint, align the grid and/or turn on some sort of snap-to-grid, you then move the vertexes into their proper place.
After this you might need to check whether this has caused problems with the uvw map and adjust it if necessary (that's just a matter of moving another bunch of vertexes on a texture).

This is literally step-by-step. It might take 5 minutes (altho there might be more than one problem with a mesh, obviously).

Eh. Cryptics pretty hopeless.
The flipped polygons on many ship models (due to an error in their exporter) have, for the most part, not been fixed even tho it's even easier and the problem has been known for many months now, with the number of people having this problem slowly increasing.

I mean, sure, it would be nice if there was some huge surprise patch in the works that fixes most of the model errors in general - but I doubt it will ever happen.

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