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01-25-2013, 05:52 AM
I have the Mirror Universe Patrol Escort, and the console does in fact work just the same as it does on a MVAE.

I do not have the Mirror Advanced Escort to test, but as I understand things it does *NOT* work on that ship. The Mirror Advanced Escort uses the Patrol Escort model, and as such is unable to split into 3 sections.

On a side note, the Mirror Patrol is pretty nice. Like a Patrol Escort that can go into Beta Vector... I kinda miss my grav well but it should hold me over for the couple weeks until we unlock the t4 shipyard and I can finally get my hands on the Fleet Advanced Escort.

Also, as an undocumented bonus, if you purchased the Hephestus ship costume before it was removed from the Z-store then you can use those ships parts on the Mirror Patrol, and they even use the Mirror skin.
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