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01-25-2013, 05:17 AM
Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
1. The combat parser in use is not correctly interpreting the data.
2. FAW fires upon bad targets in combat usage, thus resulting in higher levels of misses because those targets are not hittable to begin with.
Empirical evidence from 1v1 private matches suggests that there is more to it though.

I would put forward two other possibilities:
  1. FAW calculates hits in a strange way -- two examples that have been brought up include the possibility that it is using hit calculations for cannons instead of beams, or that it's faster firing rate (and/or other unique properties) is having unintended effects on the algorithm that determines whether an attack hits.
  2. Borticus' test all but ruled the problem being a simple multiplier as such a modification would have been immediately noticeable after adding 1000 defense and ACC, but didn't rule out that the base accuracy isn't somehow lower. For example, if FAW suffers from an ACC penalty of 20, the results will look the same whether you're comparing 20 to 40 or 980 to 1000.