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01-25-2013, 05:34 AM
I would like to ask Borticus to try the test a different way. Adding +1,000 Accuracy in a magical dev way vs using FAW in the 'real world' could be causing the difference. Wasn't the main issue that the acc mod on the weapons themselves were not being recognized or that they were being misinterpreted somehow? An overall/general boost to acc that bypasses the weapons may be missing the whole problem, neh? And even if the test focuses on wep mods only, if the problem on the weapon mod is off by only .2 (just an example), boosting acc to +1,000 would kinda drown out and make differences difficult to discern.

I don't claim to be experts like many of you, but it doesn't seem like the test was an apples to apples one.

But I do appreciate a test being done. TY Borticus. but please don't stop here.

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