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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post

Then it would be fair if the KDF got:
- a 5 tac console raptor
- the equivalent of the Vesta
- a c-store flight-deck escort
- 3-4 science fleet ships

As soon as the KDF gets this then it's fair for the Fed to get a new carrier.
^^ Spot On ^^

to add to your list

+5 Tac Console B'Rel Bird Of Prey

`my reasons? the B'Rel BoP is a true glass cannon, exactly what ALL escorts should be, it should have +5 tac console.
most escorts have hugs hulls and MASSIVE damage and the ability to tank and defend itself better than almost every other ship, The B'Rel has low hull and should have massive damage exactly what people who want to DPS everything should be flying! ... Period.

to the OP, the Atrox is fine, to be a carrier you depend on your fighters, as for the Vesta its a horrid ship, its the most vile statement of a ship.
I played from Open Beta and I still continue to play, during the first and second year of STO Tactical Captains where able to use Science Powers better than Science Captains who had spec'd their skills to that power.
in turn cryptic down toned every skill that the Tactical Captains used... the Vesta just gives Tactical Captains the edge over true Science/Science Captains.

as for the Armitage Escort Carrier, its a vile statement against the KDF, who continue to this day to recieve nothing. maybe a mirror ship in this box and mirror ship in that box.


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