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Try that.

The Recluse Carrier has a natural ability to tank (onto the scale of the Odyssey if you set it up right). With a Lt. Cmdr Engineering and Lt. Cmdr Science Boff setup, that just points towards tanking abilities with a bit of extra something at the end. This build will focus on a very strong tanking build, so I suggest you set your power levels to:-

25 - Weapons
50 - Shields
25 - Engines
100 - Auxilary

Shield and Auxiliary Power levels are you?re primary assets in tanking and healing. 100 to Auxiliary makes healing epic, and Shields at 50 will make them stronger. After that, I suggest the following consoles:-

Engineering ? 2 Neutronium Alloy?s, 1 EPS Power Transfer, 1 SIF Generator
Science ? 2 Field Generators, 1 Emitter Array, Borg Console
Tactical ? Plasmonic Leach, Antimatter Spread

After that, equip the Borg Deflector, Borg Engine and then eventually the KHG Covariant Shield Array (the highest you can get your hands on) you will have nearly 14,000 total shields with an epic ability to regenerate quickly. In your remaining device slot, I suggest grabbing your hands on the Shields and Auxiliary Dual Consumables for bolstering both of those power levels (or something else if you find the Plasmonic Leach satisfactory).

The Recluse isn?t actually known for its damage potential; especially if you equip a Tactical in the Universal slot. This means the Ensign Tactical slot is really the only offensive ability you have, meaning it is highly recommended you put a Tactical Team 1 in there. Tactical Team 1 is used as both a shield defensive and tactical offensive ability, as it redirects any incoming fire to the shield facing being attacked, as well as boosting tactical skills. For weapon loadouts, you could go for supportive weaponry only (like Hargh?peng Torpedo and/or the Thermionic Torpedo from the Recluse itself) to benefit the entire team, so this is also a good PvP build (should you be interested in that side of things).

Being a Carrier, it has some kind of Engineering bias towards it, meaning you have to have some sort of tanking ability. This particular build focuses on Shield Tanking (hence the 2 Field Generators, higher leveled shield heals and the KHG Covariant Shield Array), so an Engineer in the Cmdr Universal will make this ship unkillable, combining this with the Lt. Cmdr Engineering slot, you?re basically flying a Cruiser with Carrier capabilities. Use the dual Emergency Power to Shields 3 as your primary shield heals and the Reverse Shield Polarity abilities for "oh ****!" moments. Use AuxSIF3 for your primary hull healing ability, it is your Cmdr Eng. ability so it should be great! Engineering Teams are there simply because there is nothing better to be put there; these abilities should be ignored most of the time.

Deep down, this is a Carrier. It has sub-system targeting for annoying enemy ships, the hanger bays and of course the Lt. Cmdr and Ens. Science slots. Use Science Team for clearing annoying science debuffs (your mortal enemy as a cruiser), Transfer Shield Strength 3 to help with shield healing alongside the EPTS3s, Hazard Emitters 2 for better withstanding Borg attacks, clearing Hazard debuffs and acting as your secondary hull heal (alongside AuxSIF3) and of course Polarize Hull to keep yourself from being tractored. In the Hanger Bays, if you really want to go all tank/heal, I?d use the shield repair drones for healing both yourself and allies.

Overall, this build is brilliant for a Tanky/Healer for a Recluse and will serve any of your allies and/or teammates proudly! Good luck!
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