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01-25-2013, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Current game allows to create truly heavy tanking builds, even for ships that are not meant to have some high surviablity. However, it does not that benefit the "old" traditional tanks.

If I compare my MVAE and Nebula and their tanking potential now, and a year back, the gap between the two is severely reduced. While my Nebula got nothing but nerfs for its offensive potential.
To be fair you did pick an escort w/a relatively high amount of sci consoles to compare w/the Sci ship. So, for the passive repair consoles you won't see as big a difference. Sci ships have the greatest benefit on fitting these in general though.

Also, the regen from rep system takes into account the shield modifier, so Sci ships benefit the most from this as well.

Likewise the shield rep proc can have the highest modifier on Sci ships.

I'd say basic Sci Boff debuff powers have taken a hit (particularly shield drain builds). But, many powers have been boosted via Doff system. The other issue is the Sci debuff abilities have been usurped somewhat by pets/consoles that now every teir of ship can use, not just carriers (for the Fed side anyway). Lastly, the Rep System placate hurts "channeling" Sci abilities.

But, I'd say torps despite the recent thread have by in large been boosted by Dev changes (eg Transphasics), Doffs, CritH potentials, and Sci/Tac Hybrid Boff layouts. Mines have been boosted as well.