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01-25-2013, 08:38 AM
I have to be honest here, I'm highly suspicious that there's a reporting error at play here. Whether it's the Combat Log, or the Parser. Sure - my original tests dealt with some extreme figures, but if Accuracy "wasn't being used" then the results would have obviously swung a different direction.

Let's keep the discussion going, but I'd like to respond to a few points:

1) There is no Cryptic Dev combat parser tool.

The reason we don't have one is probably because our Programmers use a version of the client that can show them the step-by-step code used in every Combat event. So if a single event ever needs to be debugged in detail, they use that in combination with a surgical testing scenario, instead of relying upon large sample sizes.

2) "using hit calculations for cannons instead of beams"

There is no such variable, and this is another thing that I'd like to figure out the reason for. It may also be a reporting error of some sort.

3) Test vs multiple foes?

Yes, I did. The above tests were worded misleadingly. I was actually firing at a field of about a dozen NPCs, all with the same +1000 Defense buff, and another field of them without any buff as a Control group.

I'm also going to try throwing a few other variables into the fray, such as Defense added via Engine speed (instead of applying it directly), and Accuracy granted via various means.

4) The variance being posted is not at the "0" mark, so I'll do more testing.

That is to say, my test included even figures for Defense vs. Accuracy. Yours have not. I've heard numbers around the "75 Defense vs. 25 Accuracy" range. So I'll run more tests with variable offset figures, and see if I get the same results as previous.

5) I'm not sure when I'll get more time.

I'm fixing this in between other priorities, so please don't expect instant miracles. And it's just me doing this - I don't have any Programmers helping me debug.
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