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01-25-2013, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by rudiefix1 View Post
There's also another fleet positron deflector which has additional structure integrity and hull repair. Dont know the exact stats whitout having to look it up.

side note: always spend skillpoints in threat control. Its cheaper than spending skillpoints into the 2 other hull resist (engineering) skills
I ended up picking up the Advanced Positron Deflector with the following stats:
+17.5 Starship Shield Emitters
+26.2 Starship Structural Integrity
+17.5 Starship Shield System
+8.8 Starship Maneuvers
+8.8 Starship Inertial Dampers
+8.8 Starship Countermeasures System

In terms of total amount of points given, it's still a lot less than the MACO. But, I don't use tractors, so I don't really need the graviton generators. Countermeasure doesn't help me either.

So, I'm trading in half the amount of inertial dampeners and the Electro-Plasma system for Starship Maneuvers, which only gives me an increase of 1.3% defense.

I still say the MACO is a better deflector, but I'll give this deflector a shot for a bit.