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01-25-2013, 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
anything that makes use of the nebula is full of win. Make it so

I'd still love to see them make another two ships of the Nebula line, and sell all three as a pack; all they'd have to change is the pod on the back, and allow the players to choose the pod visual they want, based on which versions they own.

Sci comes with the radome, as seen in TNG; already comes with the tachyon grid.

Tac comes with the torpedo pod like the one already in the game, and a forward-arc version of torpedo point defense or something like that.

Eng comes with another pair of warp nacelles, like the one model they made but never used (at least, I *think* they never used it). Give it saucer separation.

Combined, the consoles could give some sort of bonus. Also, saucer sep on the tactical version would be cool as hell, and entice people to buy at least two parts of the set, even if they already own the original.

I don't know...just thinking...which kinda explains that burning smell.