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The difficulty comes in thus: if he's a foundling in the MU, then just as on Earth he will at first be brought into a lab environment. In the STO universe he was blessed in that the scientists actually cared for him--including after the accidental death of one of their colleagues--and I think after a certain amount of time, he was able to enter a more family-like environment. I even think he may have been taken in by one of their families--perhaps a couple that could not or had chosen before that not to have children. They recognized his rights as a sentient being and eventually gave him a real home and the chance to find himself as a person.

In the MU we do seem to see a Starfleet of sorts--the Terrans seem to have defeated the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and re-formed their Empire. So I see them finding him and weaponizing him once they see what he can do: literally raising him from infancy to be their tool, since they would have pretty much absolute power over his upbringing. That's why I feel that if found on Earth, such a fate woud be nearly inescapable.
Ahh, as I can't play the game, I wasn't aware of that transition in power and a restoration of an evil Starfleet... Oh well, I'm not re-writing, Darien will remain a war-profiteer with the 'up till now' life of an evil fusion of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark That also makes more sense of your concerns of Alyosha being weaponized by an evil starfleet... Oh well, I'll just have to look forward to your contribution to the next LC