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01-25-2013, 12:33 PM
Considering the (IMO) improbability of the Terran Empire so completely reversing their fortunes since the DS9 era and going back to Business As Usual, I've toyed with the notion that the mirror universe we're dealing with now is actually not quite the same one we've seen before. It's well established ("Parallels" et al) that there's actually an infinity of possibilities out there; maybe what we're facing now is a timeline where the Empire never fell, but continued on from the TOS era, unbroken? They might have even been visited by a civilized Kirk, from some close echo of our own, and had a Spock who implemented his reforms more cautiously or not at all, strengthening the Empire up through the present day rather than causing/allowing it to collapse.

I don't expect any sort of official answer from Cryptic or CBS - this sort of lore geeking is way beyond what they usually like to deal with - nor do I intend to put it in my story (yes, you've convinced me). But it's the best explanation I can come up with for the apparent inconsistency that is most likely, on a meta level, simply due to the people in charge not caring and taking the easiest approach to giving us Mirror foes to shoot at.
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