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Originally Posted by adrianm63 View Post
without 1 acc I dont think that crtH will help alot especially in escort dogfights .If the difference in damage between accx3 and [acc][crtH]x2 is not big (I know for sure [CrtH]x3 works great in PvE where almost all npc's never move) imo accx3 is better ....but then again I dont have the accurate trait on my main toon so any DHC I get has to have 1 acc.
the missing factor here is movement control. if i can snag someone between TTs and APOs, and i have crtH3 weapons, they take damage about how npcs do. your pretty on off at that point though, if your inate acc isnt very high you wont do much between hold opertunities. but, what maters is the swiftly gotten kill, not the total scoreboard number.

if you cant control movement, your going to get the most mileage out of lots of acc, up to a point. past about 90% your pretty golden imo. get above that and focus on crit
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