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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Uh. Care to explain? Lt Com Eng, Ens Sci, Lt Uni... how's that fragile?
for something completely unable to avoide damage, thats pitiful. an escort with those stations could make great use out of them to keep itself alive, because its also dealing a large amount of damage in return, has a high innate defense score, and can fly and turn very quickly, allowing it to avoid incoming fire. this thing cant do anything about an escort camping on its tail and shooting it till it runs out of defensive options and heals

all ships can tank just as well as each other, because they all are using the same abilities. the difference is how long they can keep up their survival. this carrier is going to run out of 'invulnerability' much quicker then anything else in its weight class.

escorts do fine with the lower number of heals because they have high defense and damage avoidance ability. the jem carrier has nether large numbers of tanking abilitys to cycle and fall back on, nor any damage avoidance ability. its screwed.

it has a chance not to suck if that LT tac was ether eng or sci, but since its tac its a non starter. a pve toy. the only time it can use all that tac is when its using DHCs on imoble STF targets
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