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01-25-2013, 12:07 PM
Originally Posted by bberge1701 View Post
What we need for that is another "Junior Officer Appreciation Weekend". Which I'd like very much -- my newest character was made after the last one, and doesn't have the special Duty Officer that is available during that event.

With that said, I still appreciate the extra Expertise. All my characters are at level cap, but they're spending Experience in the Reputation system. So more is better.
I'm sure we'll have a JOAW in the future.

Originally Posted by franc275 View Post
Since the boost is for 4 hours only - Can I re-pick ip up after 4 hours? I would hope so since this is a weekend long thing, however it doesn't explain that. Don't want to pick ip up, get stuck doing something outside of STO for like 30 minutes and not be able to repick ip up for another 4 hours....
Yes, you should be able to


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