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01-25-2013, 01:16 PM
The blog says double XP and Expertise. So if we're max level we get quadruple Expertise instead?

Originally Posted by bberge1701 View Post
What we need for that is another "Junior Officer Appreciation Weekend". Which I'd like very much ...
Oh, yes, please. Bonus XP/Expertise is nice, but I too would love another bonus CXP weekend and access to those DOffs for my new alts as well.

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Since the boost is for 4 hours only - Can I re-pick ip up after 4 hours? ....
Yes, in the past you could continue to pick-up XP boosts all weekend. In fact, even if you've got time left, you can go refresh it (say you go back near Q with 2hrs left on your boost, you could refresh it to 4hrs while you're near him). Also, if you refresh just before he leaves you'll keep the boost for whatever time is left even after he's gone on Monday at 10am.

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