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01-25-2013, 01:04 PM
Afraid I am going to have to side with dontdrunkimshoot on this point.

I ran the ship with EptS I, RSP I, EptS III and used the remaining for HE I, and TSS.

It's ability to withstand the opening salvo is quickly depleted, even against a single escort.

By the time that the escort has recovered preparing the secondary attack, that's when things start to come apart for this ships defenses. Its the gap between the CD of EptS III with little to fall back on, and hardly any maneuverability to speak of.

By this stage of the attack you are fighting rear-guard action only, with possibly only 3 weapons trained-on-target. Throughout all engagements, I felt like I was continually fighting only defensively.

As soon as another ship appeared, I knew I was doomed every single time.

At no point did the pets I was launching seem to deter the attack, or even frustrate the attacker enough to break off his attack. I was the only one breaking a sweat, amid the thunderous "LOL" in zone chat.

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