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I don't see much of a difference to a tactical cruiser in survivability, honestly.

You run EPTS1, RSP1, EPTS3, on the Lt Com and something like EptA, Aux2Struct1 on the Universal Lieutenant. That is almost as survivable as an assault cruiser with, for example, EWP3 and EWP1, and only because of the missing eng console.

The real issue I see with the dread is not on the defensive side, I think it is (and have seen it in C&H to be) acceptably durable. I rather see this ship suffering from STO's favoring of narrow-arc forward cannons so much... it is clearly intended to be a beam ship, but the mechanics just don't support that with a slow tactical ship. Yet?
EPtA leaves a gap in your cycle a mile wide, one that TSS1 alone won't patch up.

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