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01-25-2013, 02:23 PM
I don't think I could even bring myself to run a rainbow boat for a main. I've done it for alts as I worked for a unified set, but that's a different story. Now getting the proper console layout that is always an interesting experiment.

It's partially because the bug is so darn resilient and mean I want to give it a shot. I'm just wondering f it wouldn't be better to roll a new tactical captain to command her instead. Fro PVE it really seems you just need enough to survive, then apply as much as possible to damage and control. It's because the ship does cost so much to get that I'm seeking advice, I'd rather not have buyer's remorse because the captain career and ship didn't synergize really well. I do want to get a five tac console ship though for the KDF side as my fleet advanced as really been fun, and the Bortasqu' just doesn't interest me as I've done the slow turning ships when the game released and I have little desire to return to them (at least it's not a turn of four like the exploration cruiser used to be).

I expect PVP would be a very different animal and may try it at some point... Is there a preference for PVP and the bug for captain career, or does it really come down to the ability of the player and team more?

As I've basically had to learn to fly a science captain on my own is there any good advice for playing one on the KDF side of things?

Sorry, I realize this is starting to diverge a bit now.