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01-25-2013, 02:58 PM
So someone mentioned that the Parser has some deficiencies, like not being able to calculate plasma fires properly or that the combat log (is this the in game combat log or the log file?) might not be displaying FAW properly.

So I've never used the parser or actually logged any combat logs, but here as somethings that I think need to be done to ensure that all assumptions about the Log Parser and the Combat log are correct.

With a single beam, activate FAW for 2 firing cycles against a target that is not moving.
a. Does the combat log (both the in game and the log file) show 10 FAW entries or only 8.
b. Does the Parser correctly detect all of the FAW entries?
This test is not for determining if ACC is off with FAW, just to test assumptions that the combat log is perfect and the parser is perfect, so a large sample size shouldn't be neccesary.

Next test would be a single beam again with FAW or without FAW firing on a moving target and record it. Do a few cycles and do the following.
a. Using the in game combat log (does it show misses? I can't remember) to determine accuracy by scrolling through the damn thing if it does show misses. If it doesn't skip this one.
b. Go through the Combat Log file and manually determine accuracy with and without FAW
c. Use the parser and determine accuracy
d. Review recorder footage and determine accuracy by counting misses (I know labour intensive)
e. compare the results between the different methods.
If this stuff has already been done, than just ignore my ramblings.
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